Bud Notes, January 1996 Newsletter

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October 2005

Well, this has been quite a year. Bud has been to Europe four times, to Brazil, to Canada three times, and played concerts in twelve states. He has enjoyed wonderful critical success for his CD with Phil Woods "Bouncin' With Bud and Phil."

At the end of September he will be honored with a Bud Shank Night at Ken Poston's Los Angeles four-day jazz celebration. He will play with his quartet as well as with a pack of alto players. A concert has been scheduled to salute him that will feature a right mob of cronies past and present. These events are always a blast. Also to be presented is Ken Koenig's superb film about the Lighthouse and the early years of jazz on the west coast.

Bud also will be going to Houston in September to do a big band concert, and in November he travels to Chicago to play for Joe Segal with a quartet at the Jazz Showcase. He had planned to play the Phil Woods event put together to honor Zoot and Al, but unfortunately it sat right in the middle of the Chicago job.

Then it is December off, to rest and get back to writing some music, and rest and get ready for Christmas, and rest! It is hard to believe that the man is going to be eighty years old next May. There must be something to be said for jazz music as a career, at least for those guys that were not too "playful" in their misspent youth.

Bud says that there is enormous sympathy in Europe for the victims of Katrina. Unfortunately, that is not the case for the federal government, and the pictures going out all over CNN/Euro show very clearly why. We hope that ll of the musicians in those stricken cities are alive and well and saved their instruments. It would be hard to think of New Orleans with no music.

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